Leadenhall Market - AOI Prize for Illustration 2015

Here is my entry for the #PrizeForIllustration2015 organised by The Association Of Illustrators and the London Transport Museum.
This year the theme was "London Places and Spaces".
I chose to illustrate Leadenhall Market as it's one of my favourite places in this city - it's a beautiful old building, so well maintained, with lots of pubs and great restaurant that shines bright amongst all the new tall modern buildings of the City. A true London gem!


Live Drawing at Jam Sandwich, Netil House

Last week I was doing live drawing at Jam Sandwich on the Netil House rooftop, and it was great. The musicians were playing for only 20 minutes so I would have to draw them really fast, and in the times off I would draw people of the audience at random and have the wonderful Rachel Casey delivering the drawings to people in a little envelope. It was so nice to be able to see the authentic reaction and surprise on people's faces (yes some people were slightly creeped out :)). Looking forward to more gigs like that very soon!



Strand Tote Bag Contest - Grand Prize Winner

So as some of you might already know, back in April I won the Grand Prize for in the The Strand bookstore Tote bag contest. My illustration is now printed on a bag and sold in their New York bookstore and online here - yeehaa!
I cannot put in words how honoured, grateful and excited I am about this. I consider it a small present, from me to wonderful New York City, to express my gratitude to all the great people I met during the few months I spent there in 2010.
I put a lot of things that make me happy in this illustration: books, people, different cultures living together, a few of my friends, a dog, and the subway of course. I hope it will make people feel happy as me and that next time I come to visit, I'll see lots of New Yorkers riding the subway with it!


Lyly's Magic Depictor - success!

Wow! I did not imagine the Magic Depictor to be such a success! I stopped counted but I think I drew over 50 people in about 2 hours - manic but amazing!
Thanks so much to everyone who came down to Hackney Downs Studios, for the Open Studios evening, you guys were amazing :)
a few pics from the event:


call for illustrators - Magic Photobooth

Hello! I am running a project for the Hackney Downs Open Studios on Thursday 3rd July in London
and I am looking for illustrators to participate
Here's the idea:

The name is "Lyly's Magic Depictor". It is inspired by the Sketch-O-Matic
I participated to in 2012, created by Bren O'Collaghan for Cornerhouse in Manchester. 

It is presented as a photobooth, but instead of having your photograph taken,
you get a handdrawn portrait.

How it works is there is an illustrator hidden in one of the booth, and s/he can see the sitter
through a one way 
mirror (plexiglas with reflective film on it). 
The sitter can see the other side of the mirror but will only see his own reflection. 
The illustrator draws the portrait on a sheet of A6 paper in 2 minutes, then slides it
through a little hole in the receptacle outside of the booth (in grey in the mock-up). 
Magic! You get an instant portrait :)

Illustrators who would be available during the Open Studios on Thursday 3rd July 
for at least 30 mins between 6pm and 9pm. 
Once I know how many people are interested
will email you with a schedule. You need be comfortable sketching people
in no more than 2 minutes. I’ll provide the paper, you just come with your favourite pen/colours 
(no watercolours, paint or anything that takes time please).

There will be a suggested donation of £1 per portrait, that people will give through 
a slot inside the booth - you’ll be able to take however much money you have made 
with you when you finish your shift. You are also free to sign your drawing 
with your name and website at the back. 

Send me your name and website (or any example of your work) at 
as soon as possible. 

I will email a schedule to everyone on Wednesday evening.