Strand Tote Bag Contest - Grand Prize Winner

So as some of you might already know, back in April I won the Grand Prize for in the The Strand bookstore Tote bag contest. My illustration is now printed on a bag and sold in their New York bookstore and online here - yeehaa!
I cannot put in words how honoured, grateful and excited I am about this. I consider it a small present, from me to wonderful New York City, to express my gratitude to all the great people I met during the few months I spent there in 2010.
I put a lot of things that make me happy in this illustration: books, people, different cultures living together, a few of my friends, a dog, and the subway of course. I hope it will make people feel happy as me and that next time I come to visit, I'll see lots of New Yorkers riding the subway with it!

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